Prepare your garden for the warmer months

The warming weather and sunnier days are ahead, now that Spring has finally sprung it’s time to give our gardens some love and prepare them for new growth.

Heres a few things that you can do to prepare your garden for the warmer days ahead.

Clean: We tend to ignore our gardens when the weather is cold and dull, now is the time to clean out those garden beds, remove debris, fallen branches, leaves and dead plants. Pull out weeds, Get the whipper snipper into action trim the edges and you will have the perfect blank canvas.

Improve your soil structure: To grow healthy and thriving plants they need a good foundation, a way to achieve this is by turning over the soil. Soil acts as an anchor to plant roots and contains all the good nutrients to help them thrive, turn the soil over to aerate and apply fertiliser or compost for added goodness, your plants will thank you later!

Plan: It’s less stressful if you go in with a plan first, research plants that grow well together and what you should be planting at this time of year, seasonal items will thrive as they are in the correct conditions. 

Prune:  Cut Back old growth to allow for new shoots to push through, pruning not only makes your plants look nicer and less scruffy, but it also promotes new growth, airflow and encourages better branch distribution.

Conserve moisture: Summer will be here before we know it, mulch is an excellent way to conserve moisture in your newly nourished soil , it means less watering, prevents weed growth, regulates the soils temperature  and reduces soil erosion.

Plant: Now you are up to the fun part, plant your seedlings, herbs and veggies in your ready to go garden beds and enjoy the process. Ensure the correct spacing between each shrub is adequate , over crowding can stop plants growing to their full potential and be more susceptible to disease.

Flowers that grow well in Spring in Melbourne:








Herbs that grow well in Spring in Melbourne:







Happy gardening!

spring gardening tips

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