Understanding the appraisal process

When you book in  an appraisal with one of our experienced agents, there are many factors that we will take into account when deciding on an approximate sale price of your home such as location, key features and recent comparable properties In the area. Having a good understanding of what your house is worth will help you make better financial decisions for the future.


What will be considered?

  • We will look at the local market and compare what has sold within the last 90 days that is similar to your property.
  • What properties are currently on the market in your area. We will look at the overall market trends to assist in the final outcome of the appraisal.
  • The layout, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the neighbourhood all play a roll in the evaluation. 


what to expect at a market appraisal
Unique factors in an appraisal that will be reviewed:
  • Location, neighbourhood and size of your property: When conducting the appraisal, the agent will have a look at the overall size of the block, as well as the size of the house and what cleared usable land there is available as opposed to bush. Garage, balcony, established gardens and deck will also assist in the estimate.
  • How close it is to schools, parks and amenities.
  • What unique features stand out? Hard wood flooring, double glazed windows, Caesar stone bench tops, solar panels, swimming pool and so on? 
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms. These play a key role in the appraisal process, we will look at the size and whether or not they have a walk-in robe, en-suite etc.

  • The condition and age of the house. The more structurally sound the home, essentially the higher the value, we will take into consideration how well built it is, have any renovations or additions  taken place and how well has it been up kept.

  • The Layout of the home and ease of access ,also play a part in the appraisal.

What to expect in an appraisal?


We will arrange at a time that suits you best for one of our agents to come over and have a look at the property.

Over a cup of tea we will ask questions and have a good look around, don’t stress about it being styled or perfect, our agents are good at seeing beyond the clutter, toys and unfolded laundry. We will look at the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size of the home and land and its condition and age.

The agent can also offer advise that may make the property more desirable to buyers and increase your sale price, such as moving furniture or hiring a home stager, a fresh coat of paint or a little gardening work – these small changes can make a big difference to potential buyers.

Once the assessment is finished, this will be compared with a comparative market analysis which will support their estimate with comparable sales from the area in the past 90 days.

Our agents are experts in their area and will be able to give you a very good indication of what your home is worth.

An appraisal is not always about selling, It can help towards council rates, give you an updated estimate as the market is changing, or perhaps you have just renovated and are curious if you have added on any value. 

Either way getting a free market appraisal completed is always a good financial decision.

market appraisal

Whats Next?

01 Book the appraisal

One of our property managers will be in contact to organise a date and time that suites you.

02 AN agent will visit your property

Will will come out and do a thorough walk through for around 45 minutes

03 detailed estimation

You will be supplied with a detailed estimation of what your property is worth.

ready to Book an appraisal ?