More victorians are leaving metro behind

The perks of living in Regional Victoria

Fuelled by the pandemic, a large number of families are packing up and making the big decision to begin a new lifestyle in Regional Victoria. The prices are cheaper, the air is cleaner and you can see the stars at night.

We are seeing large numbers of Aussies moving regionally, so many in fact houses are selling in a matter of days.

Metropolitan Melbourne median prices:

  • $1.01 mil Median sale price

  • Rent $480 PW

Regional Victoria median prices:

  • $560,000 median sale price

  • Rent $380 PW

But why the boom all of a sudden? With Victoria now experiencing its 6th extended lockdown, work-life has been turned upside down and the standard 9-5 structure has been re-evaluated. Companies have realised that working from home can be very productive and are enabling their staff to do so. There is more family time and less carbon emissions from the commuting.

Working from home is the new norm which increases the flexibility of where you choose to live. City slickers living in the county setting up a home office is not unheard of. With the advancements of online meetings, collaborative spaces and cloud technology, working from home is more efficient than ever. 

It makes sense why families are packing up and heading towards more open spaces, that may be a tree change or a sea change. Regional areas have National Parks, trail walks and ocean views just minutes from your home, living rural means less time in traffic and more time with your family.

But it’s not just the open spaces to enjoy, it’s the affordable living too. The house prices are significantly less than Metro Melbourne relative to house and land size, and with the help of Government Grants and incentives families have been able to get a foot into the property market much sooner this past year.

The Government are pouring incentives into Regional communities, such as the $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund that aims to improve the liveability and prosperity within Regional Vic. As well as the $10,000 First Home Owner Grant. With population growth comes new infrastructure and amenities, take Kinglake for example and the upcoming addition of a new town centre and shopping village. This welcoming news will draw in more tourists and increase the accessibility and options for the locals.

If you have been thinking of making the move, now might be the time to act upon it and get the tree change plan into action.

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