We are living in extraordinary times. The market hike is unexpected and unpredictable as we are achieving consecutive record-breaking sales despite the State Government’s unstable lockdowns. Major global investment banks are forecasting the record low interest rates are here to stay for at least 12 months which is amazing news for the real estate industry and homeowners. 


The average median price for the area is now an impressive $740,000. The ever so popular Yarra Glen district has also experienced similar growth with its house median currently at $750,000, seeing a healthy growth of 7.6%.

On a national scale, the value of dwellings have increased 5.9% over the last 3 months which is a slight drop from the previous quarter, peaking at 7%. However, looking at the overall annual growth rate, the value of dwellings has increased by a whopping 16.1%. This is the highest annual growth rate in 8 years.


Prepare your home for selling this Spring

The housing market in the Kinglake Ranges, Yarra Valley and surrounds is extremely fast with quite a number of our most recent listings receiving multiple offers and selling in just 2-7 days. The regional market in Victoria has seen a growth of 18.1% over the past 12 months so why not take advantage of this exponential growth.


A common recommendation we find ourselves repeating is how to prepare your property to achieve the best possible result, especially in such a volatile market. From experience, the homes which are presented in an aesthetically appealing way generally obtain the best results. With prices continuing to rise, we are achieving the highest results we have ever seen for the area. We understand that selling your home can be both exciting and stressful, so here are a few of our best tips and tricks you can follow to prepare your property ready for the market.

  • Understand your home’s value – By engaging in a local agent who understands the area, its trends and its buyers will set you up for a successful campaign. Set up a time to meet the local agent of your choice to introduce them to your property and get an accurate valuation of what your home could achieve right now, you might be surprised!
  • Choose the best time to sell – We are selling properties all year round regardless of the season. However, the market is looking to be exceptionally busy this coming spring time. Why not take advantage of better conditions and strong competition?
  • Present your property well – It’s crucial to present your property in a pristine manner to capture those potential buyers and create competition, this has never been so important. Tidy the property by clearing all benchtops and surfaces, placing fresh matching towels in the bathroom, buy some candles and indoor plants, ensure all lights work, make sure paintwork is up to scratch, remove vehicles and rubbish from outside. These little extras will substantially increase a buyer emotive attitude toward your property. Contact us for an in depth checklist for how to prepare your home.
  • Trust the process – Selling your home is a process but trust your agent to run a smooth campaign and get the best result for you. It may be inconvenient for a short period of time and working around buyers and your own family can be difficult, but it pays off. Invest in a decent marketing campaign to capture the attention of those potential buyers to create competition and reduce your days on market.

Remaining resilient through what can be a nerve-racking time of selling your property is imperative. Be transparent with your chosen agent and express how you feel, remember you’re working together to achieve a result. It is important to remember that the real estate industry has remained steady and reliable throughout the rollercoaster ride of the global pandemic. This will be your opportunity to take advantage of your most valuable asset and make plans for your future. Trust the industry, trust your agent and trust the process. We wish you all the best for Spring.


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