Property Report - July 2019


I thought I would take a break from reporting on numbers and statistics to talk about some of the reasons why people come to live in the Kinglake area.

Not too long ago someone said to me, “Knowing how the market moves is all good and well, but I’d love to read about what’s bringing people into the area.” So here are the top five most common reasons people give when we ask why they are looking in the Kinglake Ranges.

None of these things will be a surprise to anyone already living in the area, but it is nice to reflect on the positives of living in such a beautiful pocket of Victoria.


Visitors and residents alike comment on the breathtaking beauty of the Kinglake Ranges. Not only do we have extraordinary views and outlooks (I’m looking at you Frankie T), but wherever you turn there is a dusty back-country road, broken morning sunlight between the gums, or an old fern glade. Many people come to Kinglake to be immersed in nature and a beautiful rural environment.


Only in Kinglake will you run into a rescue wallaby in someone’s jumper in the supermarket. It is also standard practice to be loaned a dollar when you are short or have your neighbour bring your bins in. While this is just good manners, there is a big emphasis on watching each other’s back in a country town and this is showcased strongly in Kinglake 


There’s no doubt about it, housing affordability has been a big drawcard for the Kinglake Ranges. While prices have appreciated very well for residents in the area, property values will always be comparably cheaper than most metropolitan suburbs. For example, buyers looking to upsize on land can rely on getting more “bang for buck” in the Kinglake Ranges. This is important for purchasers looking to reduce their mortgage or settle into one area for a long time.


Space outdoors is a big plus for the Kinglake Ranges. When the average residential block is 1000 sqm at its smallest, we have a high standard for peace and quiet, and privacy. While townships as close as Yarra Glen and Whittlesea are being built up, Kinglake rejects high density and instead gives people a taste of Victoria’s cherished green belt.


Probably a desire that combines all of the above is the desire for a laid back and comfortable lifestyle. While living in a rural area has its challenges, by and large it is a rewarding experience. Living in a two-speed town that is quiet during the week and buoyed by weekend tourism on Saturdays and Sundays gives good pace to the week. It is also perfect for families who like to get away on the weekends, being only an hour to Melbourne but so close to Lake Eildon and the High Country. Besides all this, the bush surrounds and attitudes of the people help cultivate the relaxed lifestyle that buyers yearn for.




A lot of people are familiar with the Kinglake Ranges from their weekend trips to Toolangi State Forest or Mount Robertson. There are heaps of great trails, whether you ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes, or prefer to hike on foot. When people ask: what do you do on the weekend? one of these three is generally the answer.


A high number of buyers already have friends and family living in the area. Whether they are moving to be closer to them, or are encouraged by them to experience the same lifestyle, this is another big attractor.

The truth is, every individual has a different reason for loving this place. In this job, we spend a lot of time understanding what draws people to the Kinglake Ranges and surrounds. This insight helps with getting to know what makes them tick and finding the right property.

Before I let you go, on the topic of buyers, there are growing numbers of buyers looking around at the moment, however not enough properties to satisfy them all. If you are toying with the idea of selling, it is a really good idea to get Will, Jordyn, or myself from Integrity in for a no-obligation market appraisal to establish what your property is worth.

With Spring right around the corner, now is the time to start planning. Give us a call on 5786 2033!